35th Anniversary

Reinventing Ourselves
for 35 Years

Right off the bat, just letting you know – this post is going to be all about us. 😊

At Renegade, over our three-plus decades, we’ve learned there’s only one way to succeed for our clients amid the hyper-speed evolution of technology and marketing – innovate, re-invent, create … repeat. So much, that for us the idea of being Renegade has transformed from a name into philosophy: to consistently break with the established, customer-expected ways of doing things. It’s that desire to defy expectations that has continued to help us find the “magic” in our work.

When You Start as a Renegade …

Back in the mid-1980s, Cable was revolutionizing how people got TV, and Renegade's founders were lockstep with this rapidly expanding industry, developing cross-channel tune-in spots in a basement, so viewers would know what time shows like Wings aired on The Discovery Channel (obviously, not the beloved Tim Daly/Steven Weber Wings).

We quickly expanded operations to include our first training product, What to Watch, which was developed specifically for Cable call center agents. Soon customized videos and thousands of printed guides were being shipped to more than 600 different cable company locations each month, establishing what would become long-standing relationships between a small Baltimore production company and national brands like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, One Love Foundation, and Showtime.

Renegade’s creative capabilities continued to grow, adding in-house post-production facilities in 1997, and over time evolving from 3/4-inch tape-to-tape editing that required notes like “leaving holes for graphics” to 3D animation and nonlinear editing with Avid Media Composer. How did we learn to incorporate these innovations? By being Renegades.

New Millennium, New Renegade

Instead of passing a project off to someone else, we often chose to add new lines of business. By the new millennium, clients from dozens of other industries were turning to Renegade for advertising, production and training needs. We also added Print, Digital and Media Departments, never hesitating to bolster our team when great talent came along – mixing in seasoned pros and their years of experience with hungry rookies, fearless and ready to make their mark.

And have you ever heard of a “CYC” or cyclorama wall? As our clients shifted to larger scale production needs, we built our own studio, letting us provide cost-effective solutions for brands like Constellation Energy, Under Armour, Erickson, T. Rowe Price and Brink’s. Today, we have a 6,000 sq. ft. soundstage with a 40 ft. X 40 ft. seamless CYC – one of the biggest in the region.

Camera Set Up
Complex Set
Car On Set

All along, we’ve continually responded to our clients’ needs by creating strategies and executions that would rally their team and their customers, impacting both their top and bottom lines.

And when a path didn’t exist, we forged a new one, like building and facilitating customized employee engagement programs, including a multi-year President’s Club incentive and annual event, and unique VIP Sales experiences at destinations like The Masters and Super Bowl.

When the Pandemic hit, we re-imagined our creative approach once again, helping transform a client’s nationwide traveling training and product roadshow into an award-winning online platform with dozens of unique, popular interactive games.

35 Years Later, Still Renegades

Today, Renegade relentlessly engages in each new project, combining the efforts of an experienced and fearless team of storytellers, with more than 100 years of business strategy and creative content development among them. To deliver the emotionally evocative work that has earned us Addy’s, Telly’s and even an Emmy, we continue to challenge the norm with compelling narratives, unique creative concepts, striking visual executions and fresh script and copywriting.

2023 Halloween
2023 Spirit Week
Productions Van
Spirit Pjs

What's next?

What’s next? Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Web 3.0 are just a few of the new technologies coming into the Renegade mix. And we’ll continue to provide a space in the Baltimore marketing and advertising community for creative minds who aren’t afraid to challenge the norm and deliver solutions with a signature Renegade twist. The wild ride continues ...

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